January 21, 2011 New ABSOLUT limited editions? Orient Apple and Noitide Noisulli

What about TULOSBA AKDOV NOITIDE NOISULLI (Absolut Vodka Illusion Edition) or ABSOLUT ORIENT APPLE? Looks like some new Absolut bottles for your collection :) First one comes with classic Absolut Vodka design but all text and logo is mirrored. See detailed image here. Second one will be for sure new worldwide flavor (if it will be produced). Design of Absolut Illusion Edition and logo of Absolut Orient Apple were already registered by Absolut Vodka. (U.S. federal trademark registration applied on December for Illusion Edition and in October for Orient Apple).

Limited Editions

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I would LOVE to have this bottle :)

Has everyone seen the truth about “ON THE ROCKS: The Search for America’s Top Bartender”, the Absolut Vodka reality TV series?
Pernod Ricard and Absolut Vodka ravaged an opportunity for which they had no right, no consent. Whats worse is that Absolut Vodka continue to profit themselves at the expense of charitable organizations. See. http://www.absolutshame.com/

Please Simon, get a life… we’re not interested in your rant against Absolut. Stop wasting time, no none cares about your campaign. Absolut Vodka is awesome, suck it up and move on.

Is this really the new Absolut orient apple already??

(I meant the orient apple pic you see if you click on my name)

This 3rd wallpaper is marvellous, and printed directly on the bottle also! (The 1st and 2nd wallpapers were not).


I really loved this bottle!

Here you will see the Absolut Orient Apple and other Absolut Edittions like Absolut Brooklyn, Absolut Boston, Absolut Illusion.


this is the worst special edition ever!
every year i collect them, and was already disappoint is the quite boring bottle of 2010, but including this one makes the whole collection looks less. I do not understand, in italy they do have made a nice bottle, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cgKr46pKjQ but not for the rest of the world…
Absolut sucks…

Learning everyday! The highlighted things this reading is actually very well written and super informative.

Excellent read, Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this

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