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 Last change on: 03.07.2016

Absolut Vodka´s advertising campaign is the world´s longest ever uninterrupted one. To this date, it comprises 1,450 original ads, with more added each month. This gallery offers just a fragment of the total and although it will never be complete it will, I hope, give you an idea of the variety and scope of imagination of the staff of the TBWA advertising agency over the past 25 odd years.

In creating the gallery and especially the individual categories I drew inspiration from the list of ads compiled by Absolut enthusiasts from the Absolut Society server. Their "Absolut Hope & Wish List" (a list of ads compiled by collectors and fans from all over the world) can be considered as the starting point for all collections. It is not complete, but near complete, classifying ads into basic categories. I tried to stick to this classification. But Absolut Society is not only a list of ads. Absolut Society can be joined by anyone who wants to be kept informed about new ads or who wants to exchange them with collectors worldwide (some 2,500 registered members). Absolut Society sends out a fortnightly newsletter which I most warmly recommend to everyone. More information is available in English at their website. gallery is currently in trial operation. It does not offer all services that will be available after it is put into full operation, and not everything functions properly. The content is not definitive and more ads will gradually continue to be added. I would therefore like to ask for your cooperation. If you think something in the gallery does not function as it should, please write to me. If you have any idea of what could be added, please write. Any other problems? Write me, too. gallery is here for you, and you decide what it will look like. Thanks.


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