January 21, 2011 Absolut Wild Tea - New Flavor

Absolut Wild TeaI’m back from my holiday and new flavored Absolut Vodka arrived. Absolut Wild Tea. Rich, fresh aroma with hints of black tea, elderflower, red apples and citrus. The taste is rich and fruity with tones of black tea, natural sweetness and smoothness.

So another Absolut City Limited Edition flavor (Absolut Boston) has been modified for public release. (First one could be Absolut Mango after success of Absolut New Orleans followed by Absolut Berri Acai originaly known as Absolut Los Angeles.)

More about the availability, bottle sizes and other news visit Absolut Regis Forum.

And still more to come. Absolut San Francisco vodka will debut later this year – and although the details of the exciting new flavor blend is yet to be released, the profile will be more of a ‘wine country’ grape flavor.


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