November 30, 2009 Absolut Ads Sell Out

If you want to get some rare Absolut Vodka ads in to your collection check out my three day sale on eBay here.

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lots of billboards and signs all through grand central terminal subway area–as you walk to SS shuttle to times square–wish they did print ads instead of all these billboard type sign underground

hi there
i have two ads i am looking to trade for
i have absolut piazolla (argentinian spectacular ad) and a german ad called absolut old skool (upside down bottle break dancing on cradboard)
anyone interested in trading contact me

new magazine ad!!!!! inside front cover of US for dec 12,2009

hi there
i still have ads for tradin if anyone is interested
one in particular is the absolut piazolla spectacular ad which looks like an accordion
contact me if interested

There are also 3 new ads with Kate Beckinsale:
Does anyone know in which magazines they can be found?
The “Absolut Bloody” has already been published in magazines, but I don’t know in which.

Absolut Bloody with Kate Beckinsale, is on the back cover of the Esquire magazine, USA edition, January 2010.

anyone looking to sell or trade ads please contact me
thank you

Hi all,

Check out this very rare lot of Absolut Postcards on Ebay (200+ postcards with a 1 Euro starting price !!!):

Hi all, I now let a lot of Absolut Relfexions Mags go on eBay (1 EUR no reserve):

I also have hundreds of Absolut Ads for trade


I’ve just add a set of 76 big size ads on eBay. Check it out!


hi there
can you send me the link to your auctions on ebay for the ads and reflexions magazines
i cannot find them on ebay
thank you


can you place my link on home page reply me


Victor- I have a photo that can be used alterations accepted, if you know anyone intrrested in buying contact me, thank you.

Victor- I have a photo that can be used alterations accepted, if you know anyone intrrested in buying contact me at 210-400-4084, or message me on Facebook, thank you.

April 19th, 2011 at 11:44 pm Stephen Atkinson Says:

I have So many rare Absolute Ads that I am trying to sell. They range from Absolute Warmth with the gloves, AbsoLUT Puzzle which is an actual puzzle, and Absolut First Class which is a bunch of Absolute add stamps. Contact me Via email @ if you are interested. I have many more rare adds.

I have a bunch of ads from my collection that I am trying to sell…please let me know if you’d be interested! I have playbill sized ads as well.

September 19th, 2012 at 2:41 pm Lorie & Sid Rosenberg Says:

We have approx. 200 tear sheets from magazines of Absolut ads that go back to the mid-1990’s through 2006 or so. We would like to sell all of them as a “lot”. If anyone is interested you can call us at (561) 338-1767 after 10 AM Eastern Time.

We would be happy to tell you which ones we have - they are too numerous to list in this posting. Hoping to hear from you.

Lorie & Sid

Hi, I have been a collector for years but now that I’m having my first child I’d like to sell some of my collection.

I have many rare, great condition, great organization.

Please contact me @ if you’re interested in buying.

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