December 9, 2005 December 09, 2005 - Recent postcards from Edgar in Germany

Some of you may have lost the overview on the Edgar cards issued this autumn.
This is to provide you with a short summary of all the cards we know of incl. a short description of the background of the cards:

#7641 - Hamburg only - Absolut St. Pauli
-> equal to Absolut Party as St. Pauli is the party and red light district of Hamburg.
#7642 - Munich only - Absolut Wies’n
-> equal to Absolut Munich. “Wies’n” is the Bavarian expression for the Oktoberfest.
#7753 - Cologne only - Absolut Dom
-> two Absolut Vodka bottles next to each other representing Cologne’s famous Cathedral.
#7754 - Düsseldorf only - Absolut Aquazoo
-> equal to Absolut Treasure. “Aquazoo” is the aquarium zoo in Düsseldorf.
#7755 - Hamburg only - Absolut Steife Brise
-> equal to Absolut Chicago. “Steife Brise” is an expression for heavy, cold wind.
#7756 - Munich only - Absolut Föhn
-> equal to Absolut Chicago. A “föhn” is a warm wind phenomenon (see article dated Oct 14).
#7757 - Cologne only - Absolut Bermudadreieck
-> equal to Absolut Valentine. “Bermudadreieck” is an area in Cologne with many gay bars, discos, etc.
#7758 - Düsseldorf only - Absolut Immermannstr.
-> equal to Absolut Tokyo. Around the “Immermannstrasse” in Düsseldorf you’ll find many Japanese shops, restaurants, etc.
#7759 - Hamburg only - Absolut Schanze
-> equal to Absolut Piercing. “Schanze” is a hip area in Hamburg with many young and extravagant inhabitants.
#7760 - Munich only - Absolut Maximilianstr.
-> equal to Absolut VIP. “Maximilianstrasse” is the most exclusive shopping street in Munich.
#7761 - Cologne only - Absolut Alaaf
-> equal to Absolut Incognito, issued for the start of the Carnival season
#7762 - Düsseldorf only - Absolut Helau
-> equal to Absolut Incognito. “Helau” is the cry-out of the Düsseldorf Carnival.
#7763 - Hamburg only - Absolut Kiez
-> equal to Absolut Accessory. “Kiez” is a German word for the red light district area. It is common opinion, that most pimps and prostitutes walk around with dangerous dogs to protect themselves and to keep the area “safe”.
#7764 - Munich only - Absolut Kitz
-> equal to Absolut Wonderland. Munich is very close to Kitzbühel in Austria, a great winter sport location.
#7765 - Düsseldorf only - Absolut Kö
-> equal to Absolut Mobile. Königsallee is the most exclusive shopping street in Düsseldorf. People tend to walk around with bags of expensive shopping designers to show (or pretend) that they can afford to shop in local shops.
#7766 - Cologne only - Absolut D’dorf
-> equal to Absolut Envy. Cologne and Düsseldorf have kind of a love-hate relationship.

Still expected to be issued by Edgar in the near future is:
#???? - Hamburg only - Absolut Pegel



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