December 9, 2005 December 09, 2005 - New postcards from Promocard in Italy

In December, Promocard in Italy will distribute five new postcards:

- Absolut Superbia (Promocard n5927, Absolut Vodka collection n318)
- Have an Absolut Ball (Promocard n5928, Absolut Vodka collection n319)
- Absolut Tradition (Promocard n5992, Absolut Vodka collection n45 new edition)
- Absolut Christmas (Promocard n5991, Absolut Vodka collection n320)
- Absolut Collection 2005 (Promocard n5996, Absolut Vodka collection n321)

“Superbia” is the Italian word for “pride”. This card is the penultimate issue under the Italian version of the seven deadly sins.
Have an Absolut Ball and Absolut Tradition have already been issued before by Promocard (with Absolut Vodka collection n 192 and 45, respectively).
Absolut Christmas is equal to the Absolut Joy postcard issued already twice before.
Absolut Collection 2005 is Promocard’s summary of all Absolut Vodka postcards issued this year. A similar year-end overview has been issued since 2000.



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