October 11, 2009 What was Absolut Reflexions magazine?

Absolut Reflexions was a brand magazine issued by Absolut Vodka since 1998(?) until 2006. I had a chance to collect some of the issues and made a list available here.

There are at least three types of design in history of Absolut Reflexions magazines. Until issue 02/1998 all magazines come with 12 pages with very large non standard size (about 33 000 copies of one issue distributed worldwide). Since 01/1999 magazine changed the size, it’s on 24 pages with hard paper (about 32-38 000 copies¬† of one issue worldwide). All these magazines were distributed only to partners of Absolut Vodka, TBWA and related companies. Distributors, business partners and sometimes used on some promotional presentations.

Absolut Reflexions Magazine

Since Spring 2005 Absolut Vodka changed the style, size and distribution channel. 52 pages, more images and ads. And distributed for free all over the world (of course only in selected countries :) in bars and for example in Poland you could subscribe for free for every new issue. This magazine was for customers. Not for partners anymore. Last issue was released in 2006. As I know.

Older issues of Reflexions were know for spectacular ads inserted inside and sometimes only in Reflexions magazine.

I’m still looking for issues I dont have in my collection including some issues from 2004-2006. Do you have them? Let me know! I can trade for some other issues or buy them. If you just want to buy some of my doubles feel free to do that here on ebay.


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