August 3, 2009 New Absolut Vodka videos

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i never know Absolut Vodka (my fav alchoholic drink) ever have an ads at Malaysia, until i saw one today at the cinema, it immediately catches my attention… love the currency n kindness… :D

so i google it…. and i found ur page and this ads is nice too :D

so who the hell sings this song???? been trying to figure that out and thought it would be listed here. cant’ find it

New Order

it’s joy division. new order does a cover of this song.
song’s name is ceremony.

Fuck You absolut for using this. Fuck You.

ICB, I totally agree.

I’m a devout Joy Division/New Order fan, and I think it’s great that 25 years after the fact this music is finally getting some universal recognition. Seems New Order is becoming rather popular with advertisers all of a sudden–Age of Consent was used for an AT&T commercial not too long ago.

ahh Joy Division classic :)

Marie you knobhead. New Order and Joy Division are one and the same.

“Cover version” indeed.

It’s people like you who should back away from your PC, plug the plug from the wall and do us all a favour!!

Marie is correct it is a cover version - but by the band Fall on Your Sword.

OK! NO you are the biggest KNOB because Joy Division and New Order are different - by one person that is no longer of this Earth. Get a clue before you try to chastise someone. Geez!!!!! are you 12 or what. I hope you read this on Blue Monday.

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