July 29, 2009 New Flavour: ABSOLUT BOSTON

At the end of this year we can expect third bottle and flavour inspired by US cities. After Absolut New Orleans and Absolut Los Angeles there is going to be the Absolut Boston - black tea & elderflower flavoured vodka!

Absolut Boston

For the news thanks to Kiet and all collectors form Absolut Regis forum.

31 Responses to “New Flavour: ABSOLUT BOSTON”

I have these available if anybody is interested.
You can contact me or look at my ebay auctions.

hi! i’d like to know how much is it? and would you send it to spain, and how much for that too.
do you have any other absolut bottles?? i have a growing collection of absoluts and want all of them!!
thank U

I can mail bottles anywhere in the world for US $50 plus shipping

@Dave, from where would you ship it so that I can figure out home much it would cost to Switzerland?

HI, do you guys also sell the New Orleans absolut?? and i also would be interested in Boston and how much it would cost to send it to Switzerland….

Hi Dave, am interested to buy one bottle. Could you mail the bottle to me? Am in Singapore. Also would you also have Absolut Monkey?

August 27th, 2009 at 7:47 am Sean Davis Says:

I am interested in a bottle of this if anybody can get me one that would be great e-mail me at seanyshmi@yahoo.com Thanks alot

I was with the management of Absolut today at a golf outing and I now know the next city bottle. The 1st was New Orleans , 2nd was Los Angeles , the 3rd is Boston and the 4th and newest city bottle is …

I work at a liquor store in boston and we carry absolut 750mLs of boston and new orleans

does anyone know what magazine and date absolut puebla was published in
i am looking for it and cant seem to find it
if anyone has it and would like to sell or trade for it let me know
i will pay good money for it
thank you

Zac - What liquor store in Boston do you work at? Is there Absolut Boston available there to purchase?

hi! can anyone sell me an absolut boston bottle?? I live in mexico city! thanks!!!

how/where can i get a bottle mailed from. in VA. thanks

hi there
if anyone is interested in trading or selling ads please contact me
i will pay very good prices if people want to sell their ads

How can I buy a bottle of Absolut Boston in NJ?

This was “absolutely” delicious! Thanks to my Boston friends who brought me one this past weekend. I live in Upstate New York & just had the local liquor store order 2 bottles for me! Will make for a beautiful fused bottle to hang on the wall when it’s gone!

Finally: a breakfast Vodka I don’t have to be embarrassed drinking before 9am.

•••Hey man could for me to get but not expensive - Absolut New Orleans, Los Angeles, Boston? I am from Slovakia if someone can I get those 3 bottles of how it would probably cost? my email calsi@centrum.sk expect an early response•••

I wish they’d bring Absolut New Orleans back. Unfortunately Absolut Boston is pretty terrible. It’s really terrible. It tastes like soapy tea … with booze in it.

Hey whoever sent me - 750 ml Absolut Los Angeles, Boston 1 liter Absolut, Absolut New Orleans750 ml. I am willing to give him 60 to 80 € for every one bottle. Enter the e-mail me I am from Slovakia.

We use this in our Taunton martini. Perfect blend for the Boston Tea Party state

September 23rd, 2010 at 6:50 pm terence holmes Says:

Where can i buy 2 bottles of the absolut boston and 2 bottles of the new orleans.

Do you have the Absolute Boston in the nip size? I need about 60 as favors

Looking for a bottle (full or empty) of Absolut Boston Tea

hello.tank you.Ilike drink absolut but….

Really nice bottle and interesting flavour!

Anyone who knows where i can buy Absolut Los Angeles and Absolut Boston and get it shipped to California? Please let me know!

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