March 15, 2009 Absolut Vodka Introduces “Recognize The Moment”

Absolut Vodka has launched Recognize the Moment, a responsible drinking campaign that goes one step further than simply telling adult consumers it’s important to drink responsibly. Through interactive mobile, video and social networking channels, Recognize the Moment gives consumers easy-to-use tips and tools they need to make responsible decisions–if, and when, they choose to consume alcohol.

“Promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol is of paramount importance to Absolut Vodka,” said Ketil Eriksen, CEO of The Absolut Company, owned by Pernod Ricard. “By leveraging the innovative nature and iconic influence of the Absolut brand, we believe that we can help consumers think about responsible drinking in a truly unique way.”

Legal drinking aged consumers are encouraged to visit the Recognize the Moment Web site – – to send themselves a personalized text message reminder to consume responsibly; become a fan of Recognize the Moment on Facebook and poke their network of friends with a reminder to enjoy with Absolut responsibility; scan the video library to watch testimonials from individuals around the country, and read data compiled from several expert organizations about moderate drinking standards in countries across the globe, and the influence of physical characteristics on how alcohol can affect them.

“Drinking responsibly is about being cognizant of the moment in time when you have a choice to make, and being prepared to make a responsible decision,” said Tim Murphy, Vice President of Marketing for the Absolut brand and vodka portfolio in the US. “Through Recognize the Moment, we’re using new media to provide people with information, tips and tools so that if they chose to consume alcohol, they can do so with Absolut responsibility.”

“Recognize the Moment” is the latest demonstration of Pernod Ricard’s commitment to responsible alcohol consumption. In August, 2007, the company’s US subsidiary, Pernod Ricard USA, launched “Accept Responsibility,” a comprehensive initiative addressing three critical alcohol issues – drunk driving, underage consumption and binge drinking.

The Accept Responsibility campaign, which includes a website––encourages individuals to accept responsibility for their decisions by highlighting common excuses used to justify irresponsible alcohol consumption.



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