August 24, 2008 Looking for Absolut New Orleans bottle

Is there anyone who is able to help me to add the Absolut New Orleans limited edition bottle to my collection? Right now I am looking for full and sealed bottle for reasonable price including shipping fee to the Czech republic. If you have Absolut New Orleans bottle make me an offer to my email: Thank you!
Updated: I have the bottle already. Thank you foryour help!

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I can purchase Absolut New Orleans still for US$22.00, shipping cost to Czech Republic will be I am guessing around US$10.00-$15.00. I will have to check. If this works,let me know. I need some harder to find bottles for my collection.

just check ebay, there you can find almost all bottles. does anybody know about an absolut collector forum? i’m also looking for 2 bottles.


Hi all,

On Facebook, there are 2 Absolut Collectors forums.

I have now 2 Absolut LA available from France, will have 1 extra Britto bottle soon and I may have 2 or 3 chrome bottles in 1 or 2 months.

I am also looking for ads & any other Absolut Items to trade, buy and/or sell.



A very good forum (which I’m a member at) is at this URL:

On that forum you can sell and/or trade Absolut items with the purpose to increase your collection (commercial use is prohibited).

My Absolut-collection:

I need Britto bottle… :-)))

any one know any ads in print?–there is a blue ice cube IAAW somewhere?–deb

Hey Deb,
Where have you seen this IAAW (blue ice cube)? on Ebay?

yes i saw the ad on ebay–i am going to magazine store today to hunt for new ads

Since the webmaster no longer posts news about Absolut ads whereabouts anymore, please share any information you know about new ads here in the comments.
Does anyone look for ads in UK magazines? There is a new In An Absolut World ad about Masquerade bottle in the UK. And maybe an ad about Absolut Summer.
If anyone finds them, please let us know.

I got the IAAW (any night is a masquearade) ad from a UK ebay seller. I asked her where she found the ad, and she said she found the ad in some local supermarket magazine in the UK. The ad measures 6.5″ x 8.75″. I wish I can post the ad here.

Hi all,

Just to let you know that IAAW Campaign seems to have many projects in Spain. Check out the websites :

I also saw an IAAW Ad (jpeg file) with “Surfers crossing the street to go to the beach in Madrid” recently. Hope it will appear in some mags soon.


Anyone can help? I’m looking for the absolute vodka bottle with red and black writing???

Any idea?


I am looking for Absolut Prague poster. Can anybody help me? If you have some information please let me know to my email: Thank you very much.

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