May 8, 2008 Absolut Dissection TV Commercial in UK

Absolut Vodka has announced the launch of its first TV commercial in the UK, as part of the vodka brand’s global ‘In an Absolut World’ campaign.

In the 20-second commercial entitled ‘Dissection’, the Absolut Vodka bottle is disassembled into tiled shards that separate from one another, peeling away to reveal the vodka inside.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be showing the new ‘Dissection’ TV commercial here in the UK,” said Peter Mooney, marketing director for Absolut Vodka. “The visuals highlight the attention to detail that goes into making Absolut Vodka and emphasise the truly natural ingredients consumers can expect when drinking it.”

The bottle then reassembles itself back into the Absolut product, with the voice-over “In an Absolut world, over 100 years of obsessing over the details can only yield one thing: the true taste of vodka”.

The campaign will first air on 10 May, across all regions on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky 1, E4, Sky Sports and other satellite channels. (source:



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