July 5, 2007 AbsolutAds.com will continue!

Thanks to all people who donated money to support AbsolutAds.com. Big thanks goes to Great Works company too. They payed almost all money needed to build up new server and let me continue with this website. Great Works is Swedish company responsible for all the latest Absolut Vodka websites. It’s nice to see their support. Thank you all.

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July 9th, 2007 at 4:49 pm Anonymous Says:

That’s great news Robert. Thanks again for keeping us all up to date on everything Absolut!


Great news !

This website is a must for all Absolut fans.

I plan to organize 2 new Absolut Parties in Vietnam at the end of this year. I will keep you inform !


Jeremy: Will you invite me? :)

Robert: We will ask the support of ABSOLUT or relatives companies like Great Works or Maxxium to offer the plane ticket, then you will be my guest in Vietnam for sure ! ;-)

The first event should take place at the end of October and the second one in november or at the beginning of december.

By the way, did you receive the Absolut Saigon ad I sent you by email ?

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