March 24, 2007 Nothing new there, what can we expect?

Did you notice that for a quite long time there were no new ads? I know that at the beginning of each new year the campaigns are just starting but you know… I would like to see something new from Absolut. Maybe there is another fact that Absolut - the Swedish state factory and brand is for sale and everyone is focused in this fact… Let’s see if there will be something new or (and) interesting. Meanwhile take a look on eBay for latest Absolut ads available for sale. There are some interesting ones ;) For example Absolut Designer Collection, Absolut Britto bottle, Absolut Environment poster signed by artist, Absolut Garcia hand signed by artist and some other Absolut Vodka stuff.

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Did you see that Absolut launched a new campaign today? It’s called “In an Absolut World”

Have you seen the NY Times, ABSOLUT ACCESS, or Chicago Trib lately? There’s a completely new campaign breaking next month…


There’s quite a few articles out today describing the new campagne. I’ve seen two of the new ads which I hope will be coming out soon. One was a picture of a goat sitting in the bleachers at a baseball game (!??) and the other was a politician with a very long nose (Pinocio) speaking at a podeum.


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why am I not seeing any updates in Absolut?

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