January 24, 2007 January 24, 2007 ABSOLUT PEARS AD IN MAGAZINES

I was two weeks on holiday and ABSOLUT PEARS ads started appear around the States so I missed the chance to inform you in time. At least there is the list where you can find the first ABSOLUT PEARS ad called THE NEW TASTE OF TEMPTATION.

Playboy (February 2007, USA), Rolling Stone (1/25/07, USA), In Style (February 2007, USA), Cosmopolitan (February 2007, USA), Out (February 2007, USA)

Also, there is a 2 sided half page version of the same ad in the January 22 issue of US Weekly and Jan./Feb issue of Details magazine (USA).

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Let’s not forget the napkin ad that was printed. Our company replicated the print ad on a beverage napkin. To see this visit http://www.hdnapkin and click the gallery.

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