September 28, 2003 Absolut Amsterdam 2003

ABSOLUT will launch in September a new ad in the ABSOLUT CITIES ad range: ABSOLUT AMSTERDAM.
For this new ad ABSOLUT VODKA is organizing an exhibition with the same name. ABSOLUT AMSTERDAM is an exhibition about Amsterdam according to the rest of the world. In more than 2.000 pictures and 24 hour of film we see what inhabitants of other world
cities see in Amsterdam. ABSOLUT AMSTERDAM is to admire from 9 until 28 of September 2003 on and around the Filmmuseum, Vondelpark 3 in Amsterdam.

The differences in opinion on the typical characteristics of Amsterdam are huge. The real Amsterdam inhabitants view the city totally different than the tourist catching breath a day between Copenhagen and Paris. To illustrate this ABSOLUT is organizing the exposition ABSOLUT AMSTERDAM.

“ABSOLUT AMSTERDAM was created out of curiosity to the typical holiday snapshots from all those thousands and thousands of people visiting the city every year for a couple of days. What do they found beautiful or special? What is strange, ugly of ridiculous? Do they all see the same or is their origin determining their view? Around the whole world there are millions of pictures of Amsterdam ended up in holiday photo albums. Everybody who ever wondered how such an Australian, American or Russian photo album would look like is now given the opportunity to satisfy his curiosity”, says Annemieke van der Heijde, brand manager ABSOLUT. Of course the view of the real inhabitants of Amsterdam isn’t missing in the exposition. Famous and less famous inhabitants of Amsterdam will deliver their support to the ABSOLUT AMSTERDAM exhibition with their insider view on Amsterdam.

ABSOLUT AMSTERDAM is the most recent advertisement in the ABSOLUT CITIES ad range. “The ABSOLUT CITIES ad range started in 1987 with ABSOLUT L.A. In the ABSOLUT CITIES ads ABSOLUT pays tribute to all those cities pictured in the range: from Seville to Stockholm and from Manila to Mexico City. The new ABSOLUT AMSTERDAM advertisement, which takes a central place in the exposition, will be launched in September 2003”, says Mattias Östlund, Communications Manager The Absolut Company. It’s the second time that ABSOLUT aims its view to Amsterdam.



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