August 19, 2006 August 19, 2006 LATEST ADS FROM CYPRUS

Themis from Greece just send me this information to share with you: “Today I have some more news from Cyprus. ABSOLUT CATTELAN can be found in MAN magazine (aug-sept 2006). And in Omikron-Antras magazine 08/2006 Find Your Flavor mixed ad with absolut coctail attached (see scans for the citron version), can be found but with a new coctail. This is the ad with absolut raspberri coctail, called Absolut Raspberri Seabreeze. Its the same ad but the attached part is different. on the front (folded), instead of the citron bottle picture there is the picture of the raspberri bottle and on the back (unfolded) different coctail recipe and picture. The scans that I’m sending are for the citron version, the one I already described which, as I told you, can be found in Omikron-Antras magazine 07/2006. So I think we can excpect a vanillia version too.”



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