October 21, 2005 October 21, 2005 - New Absolut Vodka postcards in Italy

Absolut Ira Before the end of October, Promocard in Italy will distribute two new postcards:
- Absolut Ira (Promocard n5848, Absolut Vodka collection n314)
- Absolut Release (Promocard n5849, Absolut Vodka collection n315).

“Ira” is the Italian word for “wrath” and the card is the 5th out of 7 issues to be published by January 2006 under the Italian “Seven Deadly Sins” series.

The other 4 cards distributed so far are:
Absolut Invidia (n5406 - n300) - equivalent to Absolut Envy
Absolut Lussuria (n5481 - n301) - equivalent to Absolut Lust
Absolut Avarizia (n5700 - n310) - equivalent to Absolut Greed and
Absolut Gola (n5793 - n311) - equivalent to Absolut Gluttony

The two postcards yet to come will be the equivalents of
Absolut Sloth and
Absolut Pride

The new Absolut Release postcard shows the picture created by Kenji Hirata.


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