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Absolut Sant Jordi

Absolut Sant Jordi
Sant Jordi was a Roman and christian military man. Because he was loyal to his faith, he was tortured in the reign of the Roman emperor Diocleciannus, around the year 303. One of the legends attributed to Sant Jordi, and the one that became quicklier popular, explains that a dragon frightened the people in a town. In order to calm the dragon, they had to give him a lamb and a maid chosen at random. One day the King's daughter was selected and she was carried in front of the dragon. Sant Jordi, miraculously, saved the princess maid and defeated the dragon. The maid, the King and everybody were converted to the christian faith.

At the end of the XIX century, Sant Jordi became a Catalan symbol. His fight against the dragon to free the princess maid was understood as a symbol of the Catalan fight for its freedom. The Rose's Fair is celebrated also during Sant Jordi´s Day.

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